What to Do and What to See in Prague

In this Spring period of time, Prague offers its visitors a magnificent place to visit, where the city's buildings are illuminated in a particular way.


Prague offers its visitors a magnificent place to visit.

Who wouldn’t want to to stroll through the infinite gardens and walk along side the Vlatva river, while sipping on a glass of the best local beer there is.

Prague has much to offer to its guests, but be sure not to miss out on the following attraction: the old town square with the clock tower.
It’s the most famous square in Prague, of great historical importance and where you’ll find the most important buildings of the city including the churches of Saint Nicolas and Our lady before Tyn.

The Great Gardens of Wallenstein

Those who love nature can get lost in the great gardens of Wallenstein, a true pearl of Prague, hidden behind the castles’s walls.

Also very characteristic is Carl’s bridge, the most famous and ancient bridge of Prague set along the Vlatva river, considered to be one of the most romantic places of the city. Reconstructed numerous times, the bridge dates back to the 16th century, when it was commissioned by Carl the IV in 1357.

Finally, don’t forget to visit the Troja Castle from up close. It’s a historic monument, once used as a summer residence.

Close to this attraction is the beautiful Zoo of Prague, definitely worth the experience!

Stag in Prague

The bachelor party makes its way to success, thanks to the latest Hollywood films, such as “Hangover” or “Very Bad Things”.

People opt increasingly for overseas and increasingly choosing an eastern European country.

There are agencies that offer an all-inclusive experience for a Stag in Prague.

Busy nightlife, affordable prices and a feminine emancipation makes everything more interesting.

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