What to Do and What to See in Réunion

Réunion Island is still cheaper, has more tourist attractions and there is no peak season in Réunion.


At the mention of the Indian Ocean, most people will no doubt automatically think of the extremely popular destinations it harbors such as Mauritius, the Seychelles islands, or even the spectacularly expensive Maldives. While the sheer excitement of visiting these islands cannot be denied, another Indian Ocean, one that is often casually ignored, has however slowly grown in reputation to compete with these popular islands.

This island is called Réunion Island. Although it was often dismissed, and even downright ignored, by travelers in the past, the island of Réunion is now quite popular. In fact, Réunion has grown in stature to such an extent that it is now not so crazy to label it as the best Indian Ocean destination. This is due to several factors that are attracting tourists from all over the world and that are successfully making the island more appealing than its neighbors.

Réunion Island is still cheaper

The travel industry works in a pretty much standard way. The more popular a destination is, the more expensive it becomes. While you would be eager to think that more popularity would easily bring down prices due to competition between the accommodation providers,, it actually works the other way round when it comes to tourism. In this respect, while Réunion’s popularity keeps increasing and more tourists are picking it over Mauritius or even the Seychelles, the island is still relatively cheap compared to the other Indian Ocean islands.

Réunion Island has more tourist attractions

The tourist attractions of the usually quoted Indian Ocean islands are no secret by now. These destinations are known for their sandy beaches and deep blue lagoons that will dazzle you to no end. However, these beaches are often the only attractions there. This works fine for those who have absolutely no need for other interesting attractions and are happy spending every single day of their holiday swimming and sunbathing.

The island of Réunion is in contrast now quite famous for its superb variety of tourist attractions. The most notable of these are the Peak of the Furnace, one of the most active volcanoes in the world and a must-see site as soon as you land in Réunion, and its great forests perfect for nature trails.

There is no peak season in Réunion

The other Indian Ocean islands are known for the fact that you usually need to make your arrangements well before your trip so as to avoid the peak season, which in turn causes prices to spiral out of control. Unfortunately, since the peak season often coincides with when you can go on holiday, this often means you either have to bite the bullet and go well over your travel budget or cancel your dream trip to Seychelles until the following year.

There is no such problem with Réunion. Since the island has not yet reached the levels of popularity enjoyed by Mauritius or the Maldives, you can pretty much choose to travel there at any time without having to worry about planning well in advance and spending dozens of hours searching for the best deals. This allows you to truly enjoy your holiday without having to go through the hectic preparation phase of the other Indian Ocean islands which can often prevent you from making the most of your trip during the first couple of days.

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