What to Do and What to See in Santorini

Santorini is one of the islands off the coast of Greece and it is a splendid place to go for tourists.


Santorini is one of the islands off the coast of Greece and it is a splendid place to go for tourists. It is the largest island outside of Greece and it holds hidden treasures beyond comparison. Though Santorini is a quaint seaside village, there is much to do here. Outdoor enthusiasts will certainly take to this place quickly and those who are history and archaeology buffs will love the country. While here, enjoy the numerous tours you can take to occupy your time here.


There is a small wine community here, but the locals make some amazing wine. With a sampling of white wine and sweet red wine, they have a mix that rivals wine growers from Italy and California. Tour the wine country and see for yourself while here. The sweet reds can be pared with just about any kind of food, including desserts and cheeses.

Wine is a prevalent part to the economy of Santorini, but not many people know that. Enjoy the wine here and relax while breathing in the ultra fresh air of Santorini.


There is no shortage of it here. Modeled after classic Greek, this place has numerous places with fantastic scenery. Much of the architecture one sees is something in which to marvel. That includes everything from the houses to the structures that are seen throughout the island. Either way one looks, they are surrounded by sea water, making it inspiring, too.

Beach Life

There is a lot of beach life here. Fishermen take advantage of the abundant fishing off the coast, but beachgoers have their own fun, taking to the sandy beaches with relative ease. With blue waters surrounding the entire island, tourists won’t find any problem settling in on a beach that they can enjoy.


Food tours are common in Santorini and best of all, they have a number of different cuisines that are fantastic and amazing. Going on a food tour will help tourists gain a different appreciation for the cuisine that is so good.

Greece is great, but people often forget about the islands that are part of the nation of Greece. They will be amazed at the offerings here.

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