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What to Do and What to See in Sovana

The town of Sovana is entirely surrounded by the slopes of the tuff in which they are carved very deep and narrow corridors which lead to the Etruscan tombs.


Sovana is a small medieval Tuscan town of rare beauty. Walking through its cobbled streets you can breathe the air of the past, an atmosphere deep eradicated in tradition and culture. Sovana isn’t only known for the beauty of its lovely old town but also and above all for being one of the Tuff City with Sorano and Pitigliano, two charming medieval villages really interesting to be visited.

The town of Sovana is entirely surrounded by the slopes of the tuff in which they are carved very deep and narrow corridors which  lead to the Etruscan tombs.

The path that leads from the main road to San Martin of Fiora leads to the Tomb of the Siren, tomb dating from the third or second century BC which represents a siren that surrounds two young men. Always the same path dips into the hollow way of San Sebastian where the walls of over 25 feet make us feel smaller than ever. The Way of Saint Sebastian chapel cave leads to the early Christian period. The throat Cavone is another place of rare beauty where you can closely observe the Etruscan tombs, niches and medieval inscriptions and crosses.

Not far from this gorge is located Poggio Felcete where you can visit the Hildebrand tomb in which are preserved relics of Pope Gregory VII, as the legend tells. Actually you do not have the certain identity of the man who stays in the grave, and for this reason the citizens of Sovana decided to give it the name of the most famous person in their country. The tomb has a temple form and with burial chamber and a tomb excellently decorated.

The trail takes off from the door of the fortress of Savona leads to the Tomb of the Silenus, the only tomb of the surrounding area that has been found in very perfect condition. Here you can see in fact even the furniture and urns in perfect condition.

This are just some of the tombs can be seen throughout. Many other cemeteries in fact stand in the middle of the woods making each place full of intense mystery.

Finally, we must remember that the tuff, in the past,  was also dug to build covered links the various settlements , links that are still in perfect condition and can be visited without any difficulty.

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