Travels Guide Easter

The days of Easter are highly sought for a few days on vacation. The reason is very simple: the weather at this time becomes much pleasant and allows you to enjoy time outdoors. Take a look at the articles in this section to find Easter itineraries in the pursuit of nature, but also those dedicated purely to the religious aspect of these days.

Easter in Barcelona

Barcelona panorama

Barcelona during Easter vacations: find out religious ceremonies, traditions and fun.

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Easter in the Maldives


Instead of sitting down with time on your hands, why not book a short but extreme trip?

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Easter in Palermo

Abballu di li diavuli, Palermo

Easter in Palermo will be a unique way to spend this holiday. Set in a city where both religion and Easter are deeply considered. You’ll have the chance to see Palermo’s rich floral side, with the warm spring climate embracing you.

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Easter in Sorrento

Holy Processions in Sorrento

A time of year where you can enjoy a beautiful summery yet spring climate, and sunbathe just like in June. Take part in the various, local Easter celebrations, which characterize the Easter festivities in Sorrento.

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