What to Do and What to See in Spoleto

There are many historical sites and museums that are worth being visited.

Museo Archeologico Nazionale Spoleto

Spoleto is one of the indispensable stops for all those who decide to take a holiday in the beautiful region of Umbria, a town of about 30,000 inhabitants still in a decidedly medieval style. There are many historical sites and museums that are worth being visited.

The National Archaeological Museum offers a collection of archaeological finds that have been found in the territory of Spoleto during various excavations. The finds, accompanied by pictures and graphic reconstructions are the ideal way to immerse yourself in the history of the city of Spoleto, but more generally the whole Umbria region and discover the way of life throughout the course of history. The collection offers the opportunity to closely observe the famous limestone blocks that once served to delimit the sacred Grove.

The Museum of costume and Textiles offers a vast collection to admire. The collection also possesses numerous theatrical stage clothes. All these valuable fabrics are dated between the 14th and the 20th century.

The Diocesan Museum gives you the opportunity to closely observe a wide range of religious art forms from the area of Spoleto, but also from the area of Norcia, works of art that here, have found a safe place where they can be kept in the best way possible. You’ll find paintings by Sebastiano Conca, Domenico Beccafumi, Filippino Lippi and Maestro della Madonna Strauss and many sculptures of rare beauty made of both wood and bronze. The Museum also offers the possibility to access the Hagia Euphemia decorated with frescoes from the 17th century.

Beneath the modern day town you can see the remains of a Roman House with elegant mosaic floors and pictorial decorations on the walls. It can be visited, it has many rooms including the prestigious master’s study and the courtyard with columns better known as the peristyle.

Over the Hill Sant’Elia is the Rocca, a fortress of rare beauty that hosts inside the National Museum of the Duchy of Spoleto with artworks from various eras, belonging to the territory. Thanks to this Museum, you really can immerse yourselves in the atmospheres of the past and discover the history and traditions of our territory.

In Spoleto many museums and historic sites are therefore visited to help us discover our most ancient origins and it is therefore an ideal place for lovers of history, archaeology and classical art.

Those who love contemporary art should not despair because even in Spoleto there’s a ideal Museum for them. We are talking about the museo Palazzo Collicola of Visual Arts offering a wide collection of contemporary works of art placed in 15 rooms where you can observe the creations of artists such as Alexander Calder, Ettore Colla, Pietro Consagra, Nino Franchina and Henri Moore. Worth also visiting is the library of this Museum, which includes 20 thousand volumes dealing solely and exclusively with contemporary art.

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