What to Do and What to See in Stockholm

The amazing Stockholm offers museums, parks and many historic buildings to visit and appreciate the charm that the Swedish capital has to offer.

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Stockholm is a city of rare beauty.

The housing styles,the city’s atmosphere and the high livability of the city make it a holiday in the Swedish capital a truly special occasion.

The air that you breathe in the cities of Northern Europe is different, it is clean and in a few places, there is contact with nature, which is capable to intoxicate the spirit and the mind.

When arriving in Stockholm the first place not to miss is Gamla Stan, here you will be in front of the oldest place of the city, made up of narrow streets, art galleries and craft shops, perfectly inserted in one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Europe.

Here you will find the Royal Palace, home of the Swedish monarchs.

Inside, there are several museums, such as the Antiquities, the Museum Tre Kronor or the Treasure Room.

Stockholm Panorama

Obviously in Stockholm and in general in Sweden, there are so many wonderful parks, so many that you have plenty to choose from when deciding where to go for a little relaxation.

A very beautiful park is the Rosendal Garden, where you can have some pleasant outdoor picnics. Alternatively, a unique visit is offered by the Drottningholmm Castle which was built in 1500 and marked by a beautiful theater in 1700.

Outside the building there are charming Baroque-style gardens which complete a scenario with incomparable charm.

stockholm gardens

One of the newest attractions of the capital is the SkyView, which takes tourists less than 130 meters above sea level, giving them an amazing panoramic view of Stockholm and why not take some pictures to have a good memory of the entire Swedish beauty.

Gota Canal

Gota Canal, Stockholm

This canal is actually one of the biggest canals in the world next to the Grand Canal in Venice. It is a gateway from Gothenburg to Stockholm but it is a mainstay here. As you cruise through the canal, you can witness local celebrations, fun activities, and just see something new and unique. You will have plenty of reason to enjoy Stockholm virtually from the inside out. Good for romance or just good to view a little bit of sightseeing.

Stroll Through Town

One of the most memorable things to do is to simply stroll through the town. With all the amazing venues you can visit, such as museums and theatres, you could get lost in it. Throughout Stockholm tourists are able to experience the friendliness of the locals and see the awesome customs and traditions that make this city so great.

Island Hopping

Stockholm is built around 14 smaller islands, each comprising of something unique and special. Together they form a perfect place for tourists to visit during the holiday season. Cleverly unique and inspiring these 14 islands are worth the visit unto themselves.

Throughout history there has been no other place that has been on the forefront of philosophical and cultural thought than Stockholm. There is a reason why this city holds science and technology, history, and religious conferences every year. Tourists will find a refreshing holiday no matter how long they stay. Because there are many things to do, tourists do find themselves coming back over and over again.

Stockholm Museum

In Stockholm and in its surrounding areas there are really numerous museums worth visiting.

Let’s now see which of these are the most interesting museums.

Open-air Museum of Skansen

Open Air Museum Skansen

Definitely  one of the strangest museums.

This is a real reconstruction of Sweden with farms, buildings, churches and typical shops.

Walking the streets of this enchanted place seems as if suspended in time as you can walk, discovering the history of Sweden, of its cultural origins and its extravagant architecture.

The streets of the country provide the opportunity to closely observe many artisans intent in their work.

Is it possible to discover the secrets of blowing glass, pottery and metalwork.

In Skansen you can also visit a wonderful zoo that offers the opportunity to closely observe some of the most important Nordic animals such as elks, bears, wolves, seals, lynxes and wolverines.

At the zoo it is also possible to dive into the daily life of monkeys and also available is a large terrarium and a children’s zoo with animals tamed and adapted for their young age.

Vasa Museum

Museum Vasa Stockholm

A very special place for all sea and navigation lovers.

The Museum was built entirely around the Masa, a wonderful 17th-century vessel.

To tell the truth, indeed, the Masa is the only ship of the 17th century preserved intact up to present day.

The Museum brings us to the discovery of its history and the way it was built and it also offers the possibility to immerse ourselves in the depths of Lake Mälaren together with all those who have experienced these waters and  found a way to save the vessel, and take him back to the light to restore it.

Museum of modern art

Museum of Modern Art

All art lovers can not miss out on a visit to the Museum of modern art with works by Dalí, Picasso, Rauschenberg, and Andy Warhol.

National Museum

National Museum Stockholm

With world-renowned artists as Gauguin, Goya, Degas, Rembrandt, Rubens and Renoir and important Swedish artists such as C.F. Hill, Carl Larsson, Ernst Josephson, Anders Zorn.

Fotografiska Museum


For all those who love the art of photography just this past year the Fotografiska Museum opened, one of the largest museums in the world entirely dedicated to photography.

Museum of natural history

Museum of Natural History

Where you can go to discover the world around us in a simple and fun manner,  absolutely packed with useful information.

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