What to Do and What to See in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a very important place in European history.


Strasbourg, as historic World Heritage Site by UNESCO, is waiting to reveal its 2000 year of history. The Emblem of the city is the cathedral Notre-Dame where you can admire the Gothic art from the outside sculptures to the inner aisle.

As another curiosity of the place, feel free to see the astronomical clock, which will introduce the parade of the Apostles every day at 12:30. In the streets of the city, you can observe houses in collombages wie the famous Rammerzell house. You will find also really good exemple of this art in the area of “petite France”. This picturesque old city on water will introduce to you how lived fishermen, tanners and millers in the sixteenth century.

The area ends with the covered bridges, remnants of ancient defences. Strasbourg is also an important place in European history. Home to several institutions such as the Council of Europe or the European Parliament, Strasbourg symbolizes reconciliation between peoples of the continent and build together a better common future. Strasbourg propose also museums such as the Palais Rohan (Beaux-arts), the Alsatian Museum, modern art, or “the secrets of chocolate.” During your walks, you will find the “Egyptian” house , the synagogue of peace, and many gardens and parks for a touch of green sweetness.

By being a few steps from the German border, it would be a shame not to visit the wonderful german cities. Freiburg will allow you to discover its Gothic cathedral, its two city halls with unique architecture, historic homes charged with anecdotes like Kaufhaus or the door of Souabe and St. Martin. In a valley of the Black Forest, you will find the medieval town of Münstertal and its Benedictine monastery St Trudpert. Between lake and mountains, the towns of Feldberg, Belchen or Titissee.

Further south, enter Switzerland to be surrounded by hills, mountains, lakes and beauty. Between the pink sandstone and the golden tiles of the cathedral, the terraces overlooking the Rhine and the historic Old Town, Basel has many secrets. You will not believe what you have in front of your eyes.

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