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Summer in Sorrento

Museums, historic buildings, shops and workshops crown these natural wonders offering almost infinite possibilities for your relaxing holiday.

Panorama Sorrento Coast

If you are looking for a perfect destination that can offer you peace of mind for summer but also social life, relaxing days on the beach and culture and history, Sorrento is surely the perfect destination for you.

Crystal clear sea where the town is perched reflects certainly the main attraction of this delightful holiday destination, an unspoiled beach and nature to experience and enjoy all that but you can also choose exclusive services, fine restaurants and fashion boutiques . The perfect worlds for every type of person, both for those who demand the ultimate trend in summer and for those who are looking for a little wilder holiday.

Museums, historic buildings, shops and workshops crown these natural wonders offering almost infinite possibilities for your relaxing holiday that can then be customized in every detail and transformed into the perfect holiday for you.

Choose a Bed & Breakfast to live a truly dream holiday, a welcoming and elegant Bed & Breakfast that can make you feel just like at home or even more pampered than you are in your daily life, a Bed & Breakfast to escape from the routine and let the problem remain outside these wonderful days. Sleep in rooms furnished with taste and in the morning enjoy all the intense aromas of breakfast that is waiting to give you the energy you need throughout the day and entertain you with truly exceptional flavors.

Choose a room that will allow you to visit the old town by walking, and that will offer a breathtaking view from the window better if with the sea on the horizon, a perfect panorama for a nice romantic getaway this link.

Thanks to this type of accommodation in Sorrento you will be able to finally live the holiday you have always wanted and from that you will recover all the energy lost in a year’s work.

Take the opportunity to participate with your family to one of the many summer festivals in the Sorrento Peninsula, spend pleasant evenings of good food and fun. Taking advantage of numerous apartments deals during the summer, you will choose among the many events organized and dedicated to gastronomy, local produce and music.

The Feast of San Rocco, Lands, Water and Fire

It is organized in July in Sant’Agnello, in the village of Maiano. This event aims to rediscover the charm of the past, the traditions and flavours of the ancient village of Maiano.
You will notice the work of ceramic artists from different parts of Italy, the many musical initiatives and cultural debates. The Sorrento Peninsula, as well as being renowned for the quality of the hotels, for landscapes and the sea, is famous worldwide for the quality of their food products: the mozzarella and provolone del monaco, tomato and lemon “of Sorrento “, the liqueur limoncello are just some examples of products from the land of sirens known and recognized internationally.

Sagra dei Colli di Fontanelle

Good food and pleasant evenings also await you at the end of August at the Festival dei Colli di Fontanelle in Piano di Sorrento. The exhibition is characterized by the display of numerous local products, with tastings and entertainment shows and photography exhibitions, meetings and themed tours, such as the old method of crushing grapes.

Eggplant Festival and Festival of Lemon in Massa Lubrense

There are many affordable apartments deals during the summer to enjoy the sea and take part in the Festival of the eggplant, held in Massa Lubrense over the shore of the Marina Lobra; it is dedicated to a variety of products, zucchini or eggplant, tomato or lemon, mozzarella or sea snail.
The Lemon of Sorrento Festival is a festival instead focused entirely on the typical lemon from Massa, called “Femminiello”. This lemon is characterized by a very clear peel and the few seeds, which makes it very suitable in the production of limoncello and for gastronomic uses. The festival features more than tastings of lemon, lemonade and lemon-based products.

Fish Festival in Nerano

In Nerano, on the beach of Marina del Cantone Fish Festival is organized instead, it is scheduled in June, covering virtually all businesses in the area that will delight you with excellent fresh fish and fried Mediterranean fish.

The Eggplant Festival and the Festival The Perfumes of Ancient Village in Vico Equense.

Different varieties of eggplant will be prepared in various ways to offer a wide and attractive menu. The eggplant is, without doubt, one of the most popular foods of the entire regional cuisine, from the famous and indispensable Parmigiana di Melanzane, through the equally traditional Doppiette e Barchette, the eggplants are suitable to be cooked and prepared in so many ways to satisfy the taste of all and of course there will also be mushroom eggplant, pasta with eggplant, rolls and pies. In short, a wide choice, which can also be completed with the sweet and famous Eggplant Chocolate, besides the typical desserts and local wines.
The Festival is held in Vico Equense, in Massaquano, at the foot of Mount Faito instead, will wait for you to taste the delicious and traditional homemade dishes from Sorrentine Peninsula, dishes with a unique taste and flavour, expertly prepared according to the ancient recipes.

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