Travels Guide Food and Wine

What are the best places to stop to eat? And the most popular foods in specific places? The articles in this section are all about wine and food, in order to discover the culinary delights of different cultures, the traditions and rituals that are practiced when we sit down to table, in every corner of the world!

Where to Sleep in Lecce


Selection of the best facilities to sleep in Lecce. Let us guide you with your choice!

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What to Do and What to See in Tuscany


Tuscany, thanks to its history and its strong cultural and linguistic unity, is one of the pride reasons of the full Peninsula.

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What to Eat in Bahamas

White Sandy Beach of the Bahamas

Five signature pieces of Bahamian cuisine to get you started – sample one of each to make your vacation complete!

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What to Do and What to See in Montepulciano

Montepulciano panorama

Montepulciano is a pleasant touristic location in province of Siena surrounded by greenery, between Val di Chiana and Val d'Orcia.

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What to Do and What to See in Glasgow

Glasgow panorama

Glasgow is the biggest city in Scotland. Find out more about one the most beautiful city in UK in terms of nightlife and attractions.

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