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A good and healthy dose of fun is an integral part of any successful holiday. Here you’ll find travel itineraries focused on “fun” theme and you will have the opportunity to read articles about the most popular destinations, offering the ideal entertainment for fun, both for adults and children.

What to Do and What to See in Bangkok


Bangkok is one of the very few cities in the world that can really boast something for everybody.

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Christmas in Bangkok

Most people who are in Bangkok around the time of Christmas and New Year’s Eve will usually be found gathered together in a big crowd at Central World Square.

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What to Do and What to See in Havana

Havana panorama

Havana has the magic ability to make you feel like the time has stopped all of a sudden and to make you feel dizzy.

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What to Do and What to See in Oahu

Oahu Hawaii panorama

There are a lot of fun and enjoyable activities to see and do in one of Hawaii’s island Oahu.

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What to Do and What to See in Santorini


Santorini is one of the islands off the coast of Greece and it is a splendid place to go for tourists.

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