What to Do and What to See in Tromso

Located in the far north of Norway, the main attraction of Tromso is, doubtless, the aurora borealis.

Panorama Tromso

The city of Tromso, in the region called Troms, is one of the most beautiful and interesting places in Norway. Located in the far north of Norway, the city offers to the visitors the chance to live a unique experience that can leave anyone breathless in front of the shows that the nature of this place is able to create.

The main attraction of Tromso is, doubtless, the aurora borealis. Thousands of tourists from the beginning of autumn until the early spring, arrive in town to experience this event that has the magical beam of light that, like smoke clouds, flooding the sky with colors changing softly from green to purple or pink.

Experience the Northern Lights represents a sort of mystical experience, that nobody will ever forget during his life.

If you prefer to travel in summer, Tromso is avalaible to give more and magnificent views. From late May to late July, in fact, there is the presence of the fascinating “Midnight Sun”. The sea and the mountains take on colors ranging from golden to reddish, creating scenery of disarming beauty.

Aurora Borealis

Tromso is unspoilt and you can find everything, always full of adventure! The Lyngen Alps attract hikers, as well as the beautiful forests and rugged coastline, you can explore them by kayak or raft.

It’s not all! In fact you have a lot of alternatives, the contact with the nature, the fascinating museums, such as the Tromso Museum Universitetsmuseet, the Polarmuseet, the museum of the defense, and why not visiting the Arctic Cathedral, site of the Norwegian culture and faith.

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