What to Do and What to See in Tuscany

Tuscany, thanks to its history and its strong cultural and linguistic unity, is one of the pride reasons of the full Peninsula.


Tuscany is undoubtedly one of the best places in Italy to visit.

Florence is definitely among the most popular localities, offering a very traditional explosion of the cart in front of the cathedral, a very colorful event that enriches the Mass.

Florence is truly perfect in April, a period where you can let yourself go to a pleasant stroll through the markets of the old town, or, why not, to a nice walk in the green of the Boboli Gardens.

If Tuscany seems to you an excellent idea but you want to avoid the crowd that is pouring through the streets of Florence you can choose as alternative one of the small towns of the Tuscan countryside where is possible to take part in truly exceptional events focused mainly on the local products of the territory, a short gastronomic trip that is always welcome.

Tuscany, thanks to its history and its strong cultural and linguistic unity, is one of the pride reasons of the full peninsula, and Florence is undoubtedly one of art cities you can visit in any period of the year.

From the sea to the mountain, from architecture to painting, there are many routes you can discover in this amazing region.

In particular, in Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, you live a unique experience for its intensity.

After a walk on the Ponte Vecchio, passing through Piazza della Signoria, you’ll remain  enchanted by entering the Uffizi Gallery or the Accademia Gallery, which preserves precious treasures of glorious eras that have marked the history of Italian art.

Visiting Michelangelo’s David and Botticelli’s Venus is a mus, but it’s not enough: the Bell Tower, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, the Museum of the Bargello, the Pitti Palace, the Basilica of Santa Croce and Santa Maria Novella are just some of the places worth visiting.

Then in the evening, the center of Florence, with its hundreds of businesses, it turns into a paradise for shopping and recreation.

Not only: Tuscany, a land famous for the excellent food and wine, also offers tours for those who want to combine culture and scenic beauty of the discovery of flavors that are born in these lands. There is therefore only to choose from when looking at the classifieds ads Tuscany and Florence and being overwhelmed by the discovery of a territory, all Italian, that really deserves to be visited.

If you chose to enjoy an amazing holiday that takes you in Italy don’t forget to explore the amazing attractions this country has to offer.

Depending from the itinerary your cruise takes you have different choices about what to see in Italy.

Most cruises stops in the port of Livorno, this means that you have the chance to visit the amazing region of Tuscany.

From the port of Livorno you can choose one of the many private shore excursions available that take you to Florence, Pisa, Chianti wineries or Siena.

A private shore excursion in Siena is very interesting to choose, because it lets you to visit one of the most amazing cities in Tuscany.

Siena is a small medieval city that has many interesting places and monuments to visit.

The first thing you can notice when you arrive in the city is the color of the buildings called “Sienna” that has become a pigment known all over the world.

The first thing to visit is Piazza del Campo that represents the heart of the life in Siena.

It has been considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world and it has a shell shape that you can see going on the top of the tower named “Torre del Mangia”.

Another place to visit is the Cathedral with its black and white exterior.

Inside the Cathedral you can see an incredible floor full of esoteric symbols and religious stories.

Another interesting building to visit is The Public Palace of Siena the place par excellence of political power in the city.

The Public Palace of Siena is considered one of the finest civic buildings in Italy and it has always been admired for the grandeur and harmony.

Don’t miss The Civic Museum of Siena contains one of the world’s most famous allegories, and the Baptistery which contends with the Cathedral the role of the most important religious site in the city.

If you have some time left in your private shore excursion to Siena don’t forget to try the amazing food of the Tuscan tradition.

The wild grapes from which modern-day lambrusco and sangiovese varieties were born are thought to predate the first century.

The most common wines in this historical wine region are chianti and chianti classico, a blend of several grapes including the noble sangiovese.

While Tuscany is best known for reds, the delicate vin santo – or “holy wine” – is a stand out for wine enthusiasts.

This dessert wine is blended from varietals such as malvasia and trebbiano. Tuscany shares a similar climate and tourism season with Bordeax and is best visited from April to June and September to October.

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