Discovering the Valensol Plateau

Information, advice and useful directions for visiting the Provence and the lavender fields in Valensol Plateau.

Lavande en Provence

It’s a question that many ask: where and when you can we see the large lavender fields that have inspired the love from the artists, Van Gogh and Cezanne?

In the Provence, of course! It is not always easy though, to figure out where exactly, we can witness such a spectacular view.

There is a variety of choices, but we will talk about what “struck us like lightning,”what literally struck and melted us was: the Plateau Valensol.

Once you get close to these fantastic lavender fields, it will seem like stepping inside the famous Van Gogh painting!

At this point it is natural to ask when is the best time to go there and enjoy this unique and romantic scene.

My experience leads us to advice you that the ideal time to go to the Provence is between the end of June to early August, although it also depends on how it went during the spring season.

If you must choose a month, then I suggest you go in July, which should be the best period.

We know where, we know when, but now we want to know how do you reach Plateau of Valensole.

The request is more than legitimate.

Let us assume that you are staying close to Saint-Raphael, Sainte Maxime or Saint Tropez.

From there follow the direction of Draguignan, and after a few kilometers you will be close to a beautiful village, one of the most fascinating in France, Tourtour.

Here it is worth stopping for a moment to enjoy the enchanting place.

Then continue on the “Route de Aups” towards Moissac, here along the way you will begin to see the first lavender plants, although they are wild.

Pass Regusse, Saint-Julien and you will find yourself in a very famous spa, Greoux les Bains, stop here for a moment, it is a very pretty town and ideal for relaxing, and there are also several hotels.

Valensol Plateau

Well, at this point you are almost there!

Go towards Manosque, and before crossing the river of Durance, turn right, towards Valensole, and “voila” you are on the lavender road exactly on the Plateau, where you will see fields and fields of lavender, up to Valensole.

Once you have arrived, you can also visit an agriculture farm and buy the lavender essence.

Now that you have enjoyed the smell and sight, why not continue your way to the Gole du Verdon?

Near Valensole, there is the beautiful village called, Moustier Sainte-Marie and the Sainte Croix Lake.

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