What to Do and What to See in Vatican City

In this guide there are the things you should not miss inside the Vatican City.

St. Peter's Square

Anyone who visits Rome, do not waste the opportunity to travel to St. Peter’s Square to admire it and take a picture. This square is the symbol of the Vatican City and is visited annually by thousands of people who come from all over the world.

Once you’ve settled into viewing the main forum and cathedral in Vatican City, your next stop is the major museum for the Vatican. The Vatican museum is so massive it takes up multiple miles and is filled with rooms that possess all sorts of works.

Vatican Museums

Many rooms are named for what they hold, like the Michelangelo room holding much of the sculptor and painter’s work, or the map room that is covered in all sorts of ancient and new maps of the world and parts of it.

If you make it that distance of walking to the end you’ll discover the Sistine chapel, which houses one of Michelangelo’s most famous works. It is recommended you bring binoculars or something similar to see the entirety of the works you’ll be dealing with in the museum and chapel.

La Creazione di Adamo

With all of that concluded you’ll still have roughly half a day left to yourself, for further meals and any extra outtings you want to take a visit to. There is always plenty more in Rome, you can check out some of the Villas and wineries that cover the Lazio area, including the Villa d’Este or even get a tour of the Vatican Garden, which is often where the pope takes walks. It is all a matter of what you want to do.

Among other places of interest worth visiting, do not miss the Governor’s Palace and the Vatican Gardens. These are not just gardens but an important place for all the Popes that have followed since 1279. Here they could rest and reflect in peace. Who loves the museums cannot fail to appreciate them along with the Vatican Library which preserve valuable artistic works and masterpieces of world architecture.

Never to be left behind is the Sistine Chapel, among the most popular worldwide treasures of the Vatican City. Who have never heard or seen the cycle of frescoes by Michelangelo Buonarroti, considered, along with the David and the Pieta, the best works of the painter and sculptor from Caprese?

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