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What to Do and What to See in Venice

Venice is without doubt the ideal choice for all those who want to totally immerse in art and culture.

Piazza San Marco, Venezia

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy, in reality one of the most beautiful cities in  the whole world, so that, UNESCO has decreed Venice as part of the World Heritage Site.

It is known that Venice is the most romantic city in the world with its’ peaceful gondolas traveling along the canals, with more than 300 bridges, a charming Carnival and its rich magical atmospheres.

The high water phenomenon, which in the spring and autumn periods are present for longer periods, makes it an even more romantic city which confirms its unique charm and inimitable.

Venice is without doubt the ideal choice for all those who want to totally immerse in art and culture.

Its historic center is indeed filled with buildings of great architectural interest, that come to us directly from the past and are witnesses to the lifestyle of a time in history which all helps give a magical atmosphere that you can breathe in Venice.

Not only that, Venice is also home to numerous museums, perfect for adults and also for children, museums in which to explore the entire breadth of Italian heritage.

We can not forget places like St. Mark’s Square, the most beautiful square in all of Venice where the beautiful Basilica stands and hundreds of pigeons accompany tourists on their way.

There are  bars and cafes that are meeting places and you may visit other places like the Civic Correr Museum and the Ducal Palace.

Venice, however, is a place specially for art.

Simply traveling by gondola or vaporetto in the wonderful Grand Canal perceives the artistic importance of the city.

Its buildings and  its churches are all of a priceless artistic and cultural value.

Often, within them, one can encounter some of the work of artists such as Tintoretto, Titian, Giorgione and many other artists. Between the sea and the lagoon you will find the Lido, the beach of the city.

It is a true island which can be reached either by car or by boat and offers a unique view of the world.

Here you will find miles of beach with golden sand and calm waters where you can enjoy a long swim, the ideal choice for a nice relaxing summer holiday.

Venice has a lot to offer for those who are looking for a healthy contact with nature and greenery, its territory is indeed filled with parks and also many nature reserves.

You may explore the oasis of the WWF Cave di Noale which are ponds with all different living fish species, the Oasis of the Valley Averto which is an example of a fishing oasis in the Venetian lagoon,  the Oasis of Ca ‘Roman to stay in contact with wild nature and the Oasis Dunes Alberoni not to mention finally the Parks of Mestre and  San Giuliano Bissuola rich with nature trails.

Venice has a wine-making tradition and culinary of real excellent,  a tradition that you must not forget  to discover during your stay.

Remember that the Venetians love the cocktail hour, a real ritual for all citizens.

There are basically two typical appetizers, the Spritz and the Bellini, two appetizers that are now known in every corner of Italy and of which we can discover the true flavor in Venice.

But do not forget to taste the Tintoretto, a drink based of pomegranate that is dedicated to the famous Venetian painter.

After a good appetizer its time to choose a restaurant for dinner, a difficult choice given the large number of restaurant choices that you can find in Venice.

The important thing to remember is to try the local dishes such as the liver cooked the Venetian way, the cod and other fish dishes.

How to enjoy all this in the best way possible?

Our advice is to go to Venice by car, leave it in one of the many available parking lots in Piazzale Roma and then move around by foot or by public transportation, starting first of all of course with the ferry.

The car could always make it easier to get around the periphery and to go in search of all those small towns that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

As for the accommodation we would not recommend a hotel but rather a real apartment.

When choosing a holiday Venice Apartments in Italy it is in fact possible to live the true spirit of the city,  not only like a tourist but like a real citizen.

You’ll see,  it will be a simply unforgettable experience. “La Serenissima” is a special place, the sights are truly endless and all have a unique charm.

The air that you breathe, the atmosphere and the magic of the place will make your stay in Venice really impossible to forget!

More than twelve million people visit Venice every year so the streets are almost always packed with people from all corners of the world.

This can both be a good and a bad thing, depends on what you like.

Venice is a magnificent city so you should really be one of those twelve millions at least for once in your life.

What you really should do is to get a map which will help you to get away from the main streets where the tourists walk and stroll along a parallel smaller alley and see Venice as a regular and as soon as you get close to the attractions you dive into the stream of tourists again.

On Fondamenta de la Preson, the wharf by the Rialto Market, you can find a number of restaurants and bars that, for some reason, only a few tourists find.

Always remember to bring a bottle of water. It can be really hot here and with all the people and lots of walking you might get dehydrated rather quickly.

It is not always cheap in Venice so you will once again need to try and wander off from the tourist routes and seek your way behind the scenes.

There you can find some great small romantic vacation spots.

Speaking of romance, you should save some money and go on one of those gondolas.

It is very expensive but as long as you are prepared for that it is fine.

The boat drivers will bargain amongst each other so that you will make the right choice, do not go for the cheapest one, go for the longest trip. You cannot go to Venice and not travel by gondola.

In the district of Cannaregio lays the remains of the famous Saint Lucia in the San Geremia church which is a must to visit. Another thing you really must take part of is the Piazza San Marco, the heart of Venice and the home of all the city’s pigeons.

Here you find the St Marks Basilica which is, after St Peter’s Basilica, the most famous Catholic Church in the world. This is a spectacular church with lots of different architectural styles and golden cupolas.

Right behind St Marks Basilica is the “Ponte dei Sospiri” or the Bridge of Sighs was founded in the beginning of the 17th century and works as a connection between the examination room and prison where the doomed prisoners were taken across.

Today people are allowed into the prison and even to cross the dark bridge. Exciting!

Another bridge is of course The Rialto Bridge – Ponte di Rialto – is also a must if you visit Venice; if you have read the Merchant of Venice you ought to know that this bridge has a central role in that story.

Today there are three bridges over the Canal Grande and Ponte di Rialto was the first one. It was built during the 12th century and was made out of wood until they got tired of the collapses so in 1588 they rebuilt t in stone.

In Dorsoduro you will have a great mix of both tourist and everyday life with the vegetable boat by Campo San Barnaba, small gadget and craft stores with almost only hand made things.

Have a slow walk across the Piazza San Marco during the later afternoon hours when the sky shines brightly in pink and orange and feel the lush atmosphere of the fish and fruit market that has gotten more quiet and about to pack up for the day.

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