What to Do and What to See in Ventotene

The island of Ventotene offers several beaches, some accessible only by sea and other easily accessible.

Ventotene Beach

The main beaches of Ventotene are three: Calarossano, Cala Parata Grande and Cala Nave, all easily accessible and each beach guarantees tranquillity, discretion and the possibility of contact with the wonderful, surrounding nature of the area.

The island of Ventotene, located in the Pontine Archipelago between the Lazio and Campania regions, is an island that originates from a prehistoric volcano that extends for approximately 3 kilometers.

Surrounded by a beautiful sea, among the most beautiful of the Mediterranean, the island is without doubt a top tourist destination, especially for those who are looking for days of tranquility, relaxation and good swims.

Ventotene is also very popular among tourists who love to scuba dive, in fact – thanks to the presence of marine protected areas of Ventotene – there are numerous animal species that live in the deep seabed, a perfect habitat for their reproduction. Thanks to this, since 1999 Ventotene is part of the terrestrial and marine parks group put together by the Ministry of Environment.

For history lovers, the island has many surprises. To visit, in fact, is the luxurious Villa Giulia, imperial residence of the exiled, that offers tourists the chance to visit the rooms, gardens and tanks that collect rainwater in times of drought.

Villa Giulia, Ventotene

Also very important is the port from Roman times, carved into the rock with very charming style.

Finally, come see the local fish market, also excavated in a rock, with a water system constructed to not let the fish escape.

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