The Music Museum and the Houses of Composers in Vienna

The House of Music is an innovative museum that allows you to discover the different types of musical instruments and sound.

Mozart Home, Vienna

Vienna is a lovely town dotted with museums, monuments and historical sites of rare beauty.

The attractions that surround the city are so many that it is obviously necessary to make a choice in order to see what most interests us. Let us see together which are easy to visit for those who love music of which Vienna is undoubtedly the most important cradle of Europe if not the world.

Vienna House of Music Museum

Obligatory for all music lovers definitely is the House of Music, a truly innovative Museum that allows you to go to the discovery of different types of musical instruments and sounds. The exhibition, which spans on six floors, offers the chance to discover the manner in which artists of the specific times made up their music, the best contemporary composers and the way which music could change in the future thanks to the use of computers but also offers the possibility to do first-hand experiences with musical sounds and forever change the way you look at the world around us.

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Vienna has in fact given birth to some of the most important composers of classical music of all time and their houses are now converted into museums worth visiting.

Mozart House Museum

We must first recall the Mozart House situated in Heilbronner at number 5. Mozart actually lived in many houses of this town but this was the only one that managed to survive until today. Here Mozart lived from 1784 to 1787, a very long period for a man who changed residences from day to night. It is a very large apartment house in which Mozart lived years of great happiness, years in which his talent was not in any way questioned, years of creations of great importance such as the composition of “Le nozze di Figaro”.

Installations, documents, paintings, objects, furniture, we offer the possibility to immerse yourselves in the life of Mozart, in his genius and creativity and to discover all the people who gravitated around him during the years lived in Vienna, who were friends or opponents. A true immersion in the life and controversial personality of Mozart that helps us feel closer to him than we ever were.

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Johann Strauss House

Of great significance for those in love with this wonderful are is the apartment of Johann Strauss where he wrote “The Blue Danube Waltz”, composition that became the official anthem of Austria, and where he lived with his wife, Jetty. In the rooms of the apartment you can closely observe objects, furniture, musical instruments, photographs and documents that offer us the chance to discover this important figure in the world of music.

Schubert House

You can also visit the birthplace of Schubert, which gives us a vision of musical instruments, drawings and paintings and where two rooms are dedicated to Adalbert Stifte, the most important composer of contemporary music by Schubert. You can also visit the house where Schubert died where an exhibition of contemporary documentation tells us about his last weeks of life.

Among the houses of the composers we must finally remember the Haydn House in the outskirts of Vienna. Haydn lived here for about twelve years composing some of his most important works such as “creation” and “seasons”. Musical instruments, artifacts and historical documents are crowned by the beauty of the House and the garden that surrounds it, a perfect place to take time to reflect on the genius of this great artist.

The places of great interest for all music lovers that can be visited in Vienna do not stop for sure at the homes of these great composers.

Remember that in Vienna you can attend concerts of various types on street corners, in the major theaters of the city and in smaller theatres and music halls downtown.

Vienna is the ideal place for all those who love music and want to find out every single secret about it.

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