What to Do and What to See in Washington

Seat of government and of the President, you can visit museums and historical buildings, or dedicate yourself to more fun itineraries, in perfect American spirit.


Are you planning a trip in Washington?

In the beautiful city of the United States, home to the government and the President, you can juggle in cultural tours of museums and historical buildings, or dedicate yourself to more fun itineraries, in perfect American spirit.

Located on the east coast of the US, Washington has about 700,000 inhabitants. It is not a city of skyscrapers as you might imagine, but a quiet town where you can still see the sky, looking up above you.

The city is full of greenery and parks that make the experience even more relaxed, nothing to do with the hustle and bustle of New York.

An integrated and efficient subway system that covers all of the District of Columbia, will take you around the city easily, even if you can see many views with a long walk through the streets of the capital.

Going down to the neoclassical style station of Union Station you will find yourself in front of the monument dedicated to Christopher Columbus. From there you can head to the Congress, walking among the trees and squirrels in a huge parks. This is the Capital Hill area and it is the Capitol building, located a few steps from the Library and the Supreme Court, the only government building visited by tourists. From the back of the Capitol you will be able to enjoy a picturesque view on the National Mall with the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial in the landscape.

National Gallery of Art Washington

After a good walk toward Constitution Avenue, you will arrive at the National Museum of Art where many of the world’s most beautiful masterpieces are collected. You can continue your historical-cultural itinerary with many other memorials and monuments dedicated to the Vietnam War, the Second World War, or feel a little Martin Luther King walking in the famous square where he said the famous frase: “I Have a Dream speech”.

You will find on the streets of Washington so many places that you’ve already seen in many US movies!

Washington by Night

But if you really want to to dip in the true spirit of the city you need to go at aperitif time in Georgetown and Adams-Morgan. Late into the night they will be filled with people chatting and enjoying a cocktail: the perfect place for those who want to make friends with the locals.

There are clubs and nightclubs where, if you’re lucky, you will see the VIP from movies or music go wild on the dance floor.

Just try it, Washington is full of surprises!

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