What to see in Bologna

The city of Bologna nestles the oldest university in the western world. The significance of Bologna lies in the fact that it is the junction that connects various important cities that include Milan, Alps, Rome and Florence.

What to see in Bologna

Known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Bologna is the capital city of Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy. Although the city has great historical monuments and architectural magnificence, it lies unknown to many visitors who pass through the city. Ever since the beginning of time, the city has proven to be the major economical and cultural hub of Italy. This marvelous city is home to breathtaking panoramic views that will remain etched in the memory of tourists forever. Let us take a look at top 10 places to visit in the city of Bologna, Italy.

Piazza Maggiore

Located in the centre of the city, the Piazza Maggiore is the main square of Bologna that is of great historical significance. The plaza is surrounded by many old buildings of historical value which include the Pallazo d’Accursio, Palazzo Comunale, Basilica di San Petronio and the Palazzo del Podesta.
The Piazza del Nettuno is another attraction in the north-western side of the square which is famous for its Fountain of Neptune. Visitors can enjoy and soak in the beautiful atmosphere of Basilica at the Piazza. The outdoor cafes and restaurants that serve delicious Italian food in Porticos are not to be missed.

San Petronio

The San Petronio is one of the most remarkable structures located in the centre of the Piazza Maggiore. The church which is dedicated to St. Petronio is known to be the 10th largest church in the world. With an unfinished front structure and incomparable Gothic design, this church is beautiful with its colored marble work.

Archaeological Museum

The most epical museum of Bologna is located on the Piazza Maggiore and it boosts of a myriad of collections that include Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Prehistoric, Celtic and so forth. The museum offers a great insight into the history of Bologna through different periods. Visitors can spend hours admiring the artifacts which throw light on the ancient period of Bologna.

Santuario di Madonna di San Luca

The Sanctuary of Madonna is renowned for its magnificent structure and it is one of the oldest churches in the city of Bologna. The church is located on the top of Monte della Guardia and so it offers an outstanding view of the city. One of the most important attractions of this Roman Catholic Church is that it has an icon of Virgin Mother Mary painted by the Evangelist Luke.

Leaning towers of Bologna

The city is also home to the two leaning towers which are perhaps the only two towers that have remained, out of the 200, after the war. These two tall towers were named from two important Italian families in Bologna: Garisenda and Asinelli. These two legendary towers in Piazza di Porta Ravegnana have great historical significance. Asinelli was used as a strong hold and it stands taller than Garisenda.


Positioned on the Piazza Galvani, this historical piece of architecture is one of the most significant buildings in Bologna. The focal attraction of this monument is the Anatomical Theatre which is simply outstanding. The entire theatre is created in wood with sculpted statues of noted medical professionals. The room has seating platforms with an anatomical table located at the center of it. It was one of the most important university buildings in the city of Bologna years ago.

National Gallery

The National Gallery of Bologna houses some of the most ancient and priceless paintings from the 13th century. It is located near to the Piazza Maggiore within the old university complex. The gallery is divided into two segments-the Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts and the Academia Clementine.

Monte della Guardia

This beautiful hill top offers a panoramic view of the entire city of Bologna and surrounding regions. It is renowned for the world’s longest portico that leads to the city and back up the hill. The Roman Catholic Church of Madonna is also located on this hill.

St. Stephen Basilica

Situated in the Piazza Santa Stefano, this religious complex has different buildings and churches in it. The courtyard of Pilate, the Church of St. John the Baptist are some of the important buildings in the complex.

La Piazzola Market

This unique market with historical importance has been in the city of Bologna for ages. With more than 400 diverse stalls that showcase clothes, pottery, jewelry, shoes and fashion accessories, visitors can find it captivating. The most famous Bolognese specialties and delicacies such as hand- made pasta; tortellini and local wines are sold here.

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