What to see in Ibiza

Find out what to see in Ibiza: beaches, discotheques, nightlife and a lot of fun.

What to see in Ibiza

Ibiza is an amazing touristic place, where a lot of people every year, especially in summer, visits the island to enjoy the famous nightlife of the city also known as Eivissa or Vila. Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands, along with Maiorca, Minorca and Formentera.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Ibiza, a place that inspired a lot musicians and the right place to take a break from the daily life. So, if you want to visit the island, just search for a boutique hotel in Ibiza and get ready for having fun! Various hotels offers organized excursions. A good way to visit the island is to rent a car.

If you are spending your holiday’s at Ibiza, then there are few things and places that you really can’t afford to miss on. Avail the most affordable and quality Car hire in Ibiza with us and get set go for a lifetime experience which would remain with you always.

Let’s check out on a few things that you should be doing at Ibiza.

Late night party’s

If you are a party freak, then the parties held at the nightclubs and bars of Ibiza are definitely of your interest. You would have a good fun time with your friends and partners by tapping your feet on the most happening music played by the world’s top DJ’s who usually launch their new songs and
compositions at the nightclubs of Ibiza.

Stunning beaches for that perfect tan look

How can you miss about having a relaxed sunbath under the shining sun at the beaches of Ibiza? Ibiza gives you a wide choice of 40 spectacular beaches that you may explore. You may also try many watersports on the clear blue ocean water at Ibiza.

Eivissa Dalt Villa

You are definitely going to experience goosebump chills at the Necropolis of Puig des Molins. This place is a burial cemetery for more than a thousand years and has over 3,000 burial chambers that are buried deep underground. The cathedral of Santa Maria d’Eivissa at Eivissa Dalt Vila which exists
from the 14 th century is also highly visited by the tourists.

Trekking at Es Vedra

If you love to explore places by trekking and climbing then Ibiza has one of the best places for you to do so, Es Vedra. This small island is away from the human crowd, due to the mystical nature of this place. Claims are made that UFO’s were seen near Es Vedra, due to the magnetic
lines of the power in this place. Many tourists come here to check on if they can find an alien friend here. Apart from the above, there are many more places and exciting things that you can do in Ibiza. Book the most reliable Car hire in Ibiza with us and get ready for the breathtaking experiences of this place.

Clubs and nightlife

The most famous clubs and nightlife are the Pacha, Privilege, Amnesia, the space and many other, most of them are located in the Ibiza capital or in the bay of Sant Antoni. Sant Antoni is the ideal place to enjoy the beautiful sea thanks to the various beaches of the bay and, when the sun comes down, here you’ll find discotheques and nightclubs.

Boat trips and walking tours

Ibiza it’s not just nightlife or sunbathing, there you can enjoy yacht charter in Ibiza, boat trips and walking tours.


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