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What to Do and What to See in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a mega city which offers many other opportunities and so many places to visit.

Panorama Los Angeles

Arriving in Los Angeles could cause a strange feeling to visitors, a sort of familiar feeling. In fact, countless have been the times that L.A. and it’s major streets have been seen in movies!

Movie fanatics will enjoy every bit of the city of Angels. You’ll find theme parks almost anywhere: like Paramount Studios, Universal Studios and Walt Disney Studios. Places where fun is assured and where you can take home some great souvenirs.

Of course, movie lovers cannot miss visiting Hollywood, with its historic inscription up top on the Californian hills. You’ll find the places where movies are shot, the famous celebrity cemetery, ¬†and the Walk Of Fame, a famous promenade with footprints of all the stars.

Hollywood Los Angeles

Hollywood also has much more to admire, such as the Museum of the guinness book of world records or the Griffith Park, where you can visit the wonderful Zoo.

Los Angeles is a mega city which offers many other opportunities and so many places to visit. Downtown, is where several offices, shops, and also the MOCA, Museum of Contemporary Art are located. A Must-see are the renowned areas of Beverly Hills, with its historic streets: Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive.

To finish off in beauty, of course, visit the beaches of Los Angeles. Only the names of these wonderful places evoke images of sublime beauty: Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice and Long Beach. Wonderful beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, where people are having fun while surfing, listening to music and simply having a good time.

Here, on the West Coast of the United States, it is impossible to get bored.

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