What to Do and What to See in Zurich

Zurich is probably one of the most frequented places in Switzerland.

Zurich panorama

Switzerland is a popular place to go on vacation because of the fantastic views and the landscape that dots the whole place. No matter where tourists turn there is something amazing that is waiting for them there.

Zurich, in particular, is probably one of the most frequented places in Switzerland. There are a number of tours in Zurich regardless of the time of year. Whatever it is you do there are lasting memories of the place that will comfort and soothe you.


Zurich has an abundance of sightseeing tours that will connect them to nature and the locals. One of the most popular places to see and play in is the Lakeside Promenade. This park sits along a lakeshore and there are plenty of activities to do here during the winter or the summer.

With fantastic Venetian architecture and cobblestoned streets there are plenty of fantastic historical sites and figures to see. Of course, you can’t miss out on Zurich West, the modern part of the city where tourists can find plenty of shops, restaurants, and gastronomic pubs.

Outdoorsy Tours

You can’t not go to Zurich and not do anything outdoors. Take guided tours or personal tours to the Rhune Falls where tourists and their families can experience nature at its finest. Another popular tour in Zurich is the GPS tour of the region as a whole. Go on hiking tours, mountain biking, bicycle through the beautiful region and go jogging through some picturesque areas.

One of the more popular tours is traveling to Uetliberg. It sits nearly 3000 feet above sea level and reaching the top of it allows tourists to look down onto the beautiful city. During some times of the year, a blanket of fog covers the city, and that scene simply looks fantastic! This is a great place to hike with people of all ages.

Of course tourists can take advantage of just about any other tour that is out there. In Zurich there are literally thousands of tours that they can take advantage of, all of them varying in activity level. It’s no secret that people come here every year. In fact, it doesn’t matter for what occasion one comes to explore, there are millions of people who head here each year.

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